Transportation in Athens Greece.

Public Transportation

If you plan to travel on Athens Public Transport Network make sure you have a valid ticket or travelcard.

Every ticket is valid for a single trip by one mode, except for the integrated tickets.

The integrated ticket is valid for 90 minutes after it is first validated and can be used on all public transport. In cases where the 90-minute period will expire during a journey, the passenger must validate the ticket a second time before the expiry of the 90-minute period, either on board the vehicle or at the stop or station, extending its validity until the completion of the journey.

Each travelcard allows for unlimited travel within the time period and the transport modes that are indicated on it.

Concessionary tickets and travelcards apply to:

Passengers eligible to concessionary fares should be holders of the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) special pass. In certain cases other social groups are also eligible to reduced fares and these are listed in the relative chapters.

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We kindly remind you that you should always either validate your ticket upon boarding on the vehicle or entering the station or possess a valid travelcard. When requested, you should show your ticket or travelcard to the Ticket Inspectors. If you are entitled to concessionary fare, you should also demonstrate the relevant supporting document (pupil or student OASA pass, large family pass).

The penalty fare for not having a valid ticket or travelcard is 60 times the ticket price of the mode in use. However, for the cases that the penalty fare is different, reference is provided in the relative chapters.

Children up to the age of 6 years, soldiers and members of the security forces travel free. Also holders of the Ministry of Health pass are allowed to travel free on all transport modes, except for the “Doukissis Plakentias – Airport” metro line.

Integrated Ticket : 1,40€ Reduced : 0.70€ This is valid for multiple trips on all public transport options, in urban zone (buses, trolleys, tram, metro, suburban railway), in any direction for up to 90 minutes). This ticket is not valid on express bus lines to the airport and on Varkiza-Saronida section of route E22.

One Way Ticket : 1.20€ Reduced : 0.60€ This is valid only on buses and trolleys for only one trip. POINTS OF SALE: at metro, tram, suburban railway stations at blue/yellow ticket offices at many newsstands.

One Way Ticket : 1.60€ Reduced : 0.80€

Airport Express Bus Lines Ticket : 5€ Reduced : 2.50 €
POINTS OF SALE: from the drivers of the airport buses at all metro and blue ticket offices
The above tickets can be used for only one trip from or to the airport.

Metro And Suburban Railway
Metro And Suburban Railway Ticket : 8€ Reduced : 4€
Return Ticket (within 48 hours): 14€
Group Ticket for 2 : 14€
Group Ticket for 3 : 20€
POINTS OF SALE : at all metro and suburban railway stations. The above tickets are valid for travel with all public transport means within 90 minutes.

Airport EXPRESS Bus Connections

EXPRESS* Bus routes operated by ETHEL (Public Bus Company) connect directly the Athens (city center & greater area) and Piraeus (port) with the Athens International Airport (AIA) “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Service is provided on a non-stop basis seven days a week including holidays (24/7 operation). All buses disembark passengers at the Departures Level (inbound trips to airport) and depart from the Arrivals Level (outbound trips from airport). BUS tickets are sold at the info/ticket-kiosk (located outside the Arrivals between Exits 4 and 5), or onboard (ask operator) at no extra cost.

Rail connections are also available from the AIA Rail Station (adjacent to the main terminal). Services are provided by suburban rail and metro trains. RAIL & METRO tickets must be purchased and validated before boarding the train. Please visit the following links for operating times and schedule details:

For a quick glance at all available services view the: airport connections map

For details on service frequency, ticketing options and prices view the: airport services leaflet

*NOTE: The following restrictions apply on EXPRESS Bus routes at all times:Alighting is not permitted at intermediate stops on trips to the airport. Boarding is not permitted at intermediate stops on trips from the airport.For EXPRESS Bus routes stops order & detailed service timetables follow the links:

X93 KIFISOS INTERCITY BUS STATION - ATHENS AIRPORT EXPRESS. Direct Connection to the intercity bus (KTEL) terminals KIFISOS and LIOSION.Link to suburban rail station at: KIFISIAS

X95 SYNTAGMA – ATHENS AIRPORT EXPRESS.Direct Connection to Syntagma Square at Athens city center. Link to metro line 2 station at: SYNTAGMALink to metro line 3 stations at: NOMISMATOKOPEIO, ETHNIKI AMYNA, SYNTAGMALink to tramway routes at: SYNTAGMA

X96 PEIRAIAS – ATHENS AIRPORT EXPRESS.Direct Connection to Piraeus central passenger port terminals. Link to metro line 1 stations at: N.FALIRO (ISAP N.FALIRO), PEIRAIASLink to suburban rail station at: PEIRAIASLink to tramway routes at: PLATEIA GLYFADAS, EDEM, FLISVOS

X97 DAFNI METRO STATION – ATHENS AIRPORT EXPRESS. Direct Connection to DAFNI metro station. Link to metro line 2 stations at: AG.DIMITRIOS, DAFNI

One-way travel time estimates**: X93 (65’ min), X95 (70’ min), X96 (90’ min), X97 (70’ min)



Accessibility on mass transit public system for disabled people. The accessibility of disabled people in big cities still remains as a serious problem since it has not yet been solved.

More than 270 precast concrete platforms are placed at bus and trolley stops so that the accessibility to and from buses is easy and convenient All buses and trolleys are provided with kneeling system Trolleys are provided with bus stop info display .
Metro lines 1,2 & 3 are fully accessible Tram line is fully accessible